CNN live broadcast from Berlin 1944: a fun fictitious short story which probably could be true knowing CNN.

Hello, this is CNN 1944 broadcasting live from Berlin Germany. Jim Acosta has been covering the war around the world reporting live from Berlin. Acosta,”Good evening friends I am Jim Acosta reporting to you live from Berlin where I has an exclusive interview with duly elected Chancellor Adolf Hitler”. “Mr. Chancellor, if I may ask you a few questions the world would like answered”? Mr. Hitler, “By all means heir Acosta”. Acosta, “There are rumors Chancellor that the Allies are planning to invade France by summer. Have you considered a strategy to stop them”? “Ya, heir Acosta, We have sent our best general Rommel to France to do just that”. Acosta, “Will he be in Normandy where the allies plan to land”? Hitler, “Normandy”?, I was thinking north of there. But you have a good point. We will look into it”.

Acosta, “Now on the subject of Jews Mr. Chancellor, we have heard there is a mass extermination going on. Can you verify that, that is not happening”? Hitler, “Purely propaganda”. “No such thing is happening”. They are being placed in internment camps for their own protection”. Acosta, “May I go to the camps heir Hitler”? Hitler, “No, there is no time. You have my word on it”. Acosta, “There you have it America. True to his word he is not killing Jews. Roosevelt is lying to you”.

Acosta, “Sir, rumor has it the U.S. is developing an atomic bomb, are you aware of that”? Hitler, “No but we will look into it”. Acosta, “Are you protecting your scientists from being kidnapped by the allies”? Hitler, we are now”!

Acosta, “We have heard Roosevelt has polio and is crippled. What is your opinion of having an adversary that is a cripple”? Hitler, “I wondered why he never was seen going to a briefing”. “He’s an inbred American elitist, I have more respect for that monkey Stalin. That’s why we are creating a superior race”.

Acosta, “Now heir Hitler one last question if I may”…… Hitler, “No more questions heir Acosta, I have a country to run”. Acosta, But but, but heir Hitler, we have many…… Hitler, “did I say no more questions?” Acosta, “Sir we….. Hitler, “Gestapo, get this asshole out and shoot him!”

We should be so lucky!

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A House Divided Cannot Stand

As this phrase says with all it’s wisdom America is a house divided. 2016 brought about an ideological, spiritual, racial, moral and political revolution. Not that that isn’t a good thing to some regard, but it has divided the nation to the point of what is being considered “Good vs Evil”. One important thing that has come out of this division is the American people have exposed the corruption in their government at all levels. We now know there is an un-elected “Deep State” shadowy presence manipulating politicians and policies that is unapproved, nor legal in it’s existence. It permeates the government like a Cancer. It defies the will of the people and their elected officials by resisting, subverting and tampering with public policy and the people’s agenda. This of course is not new. This is an arm of the New World Order. A group of super rich elitists, driven by Satan and bent on control of the world. They have been operating behind the scenes almost since the founding of this country, but has finally surfaced where it has been exposed.

The only reason it did not show it’s head previously is because Godly men who built this country kept them in check. Once America turned away from God and more toward Secularism their power grew. They started by placing their evil puppets in high places. They undermined the country by creating a Federal Reserve to steal our finances from our elected Congress and gave it to world banks to control. Then they placed people in the education systems to remove God from the schools and breed God-less generations of children with little morals. Then they slithered like a snake into local governments where they removed references of religion from public property in the guise of unconstitutionality. Now they are attempting to remove history and place their own version in it’s place. They have infiltrated our school systems, political offices, labor, media and military. This same Deep State is stirring the pot of black and white hatred by agitating Blacks to riot, loot and destroy while calling it “protesting”, knowing full well that will only incite the Whites to show more animosity against them. Their objective is to bring the country to it’s knees through constant anarchy, chaos, insurrection and disobedience for law and order.

Bottom line is that unless Republicans and Democrats, Blacks and Whites, all races in America can get past all the lying and BS from the media and join together, America will be lost in the oblivion of all the empires of the past. It is our choice. We can’t pass it on to the next generation. We can’t ignore it. It’s now or never.

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GAWD these liberals drive me nutz

Can you go a day watching the news without screaming and pulling your hair out? I can’t! How these liberals can continually lie, twist, pervert, exploit, deny, distort, criticize and do all this with a smile when it comes to protecting their corrupt comrades and perverse values is beyond my comprehension. How can a Democratic U.S. Senator sit on their hands and scowl when the President says he wants to protect the American citizens from illegal foreigners who are criminals? Why would any U.S. politician want to fight against protecting our borders? And why would a Congressman of any party affiliation refuse to fund the citizens of the United States over protecting the illegal invaders who have come into our country uninvited? If anyone can explain that to me with some logical answer, I’m waiting.

the dead

I have heard on many occasion that “Liberalism” is a mental disorder. I am now inclined to believe that after watching the SOTU address and the Democrats in the House. Absolutely nothing the President had to say was acceptable to them. Even when he made similar comments that their previous Democratic President said. Of course they applauded for those. Shows us one thing. These liberal Progressive politicians are not for the American people. They are not for a secure America. They are not for a prosperous America. And they are not for the Constitutional laws of the land. They have their own agenda and NOTHING is acceptable to them except for that. And what is that agenda you ask? It can be summed up in a very short few words. They are a pro-Marxist globalist UN backed Communist Party. So what is their platform compared to the communist manifesto?

Communists want business under their control. Democrats want businesses under government control

Communists want to make everyone financially equal. Democrats want to punish anyone making more than their workers.

Communists want to control the Stock Markets. Democrats want to regulate it completely.

Communists want to destroy family values. Democrats want to force people to accept ethnic/homosexual differences by threatening imprisonment if necessary.

Communists want total control over individual rights. Democrats want to Increase government control over all aspects of your life.

Communists want to rig elections to their benefit. Democrats are rigging elections and trying to allow illegals to vote to undermine the U.S. election system.

Communists want to control birth by forcing birth control and abortions. Democrats want abortion on demand and would force them if they could.

And last but not least. Communists want to remove any opposition to their agenda. Democrats want to outlaw Americans owning guns to ensure their complete government control.

If you look at the Democratic platform you will notice they’ve touched on every aspect of your life and society. They want total control just like the Communists. In fact after the 1950s purge of Communism the Socialist/Communists blended into the Democratic party.

Finally, if you’ve paid any attention to the news you would have noticed how the Liberal Progressive Democrats are always calling Conservatives “Nazis”, “Hitler”, “Racists”, “Homophobic”, “Islamophobic”, etc. If you look at the Communist manifesto you will see that is a KEY feature to promote Communism. Accuse the opposition of the very core of your own agenda.

Well, enough of this subject. I’ve already got a headache again.



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Trump’s first 100 days

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Congressional Walking Dead

During the Trump address to Congress on Tuesday February 29, it was apparent that the Leftist Socialist Democraps have no intention of working with the opposite party what-so-ever. When Trump mentioned victims of illegal aliens they moaned like protecting citizens is a criminal act. I guess when you are the party of murdering babies why should I be surprised if they don’t care for any American citizens? The Demoncrap party has shown us they are clearly against American exceptionalism and only for UN New World Order imperialism. Was also funny to see the Immoral Congressional whores dressed up in white like they were some kind of virgins or something. dc-whores

Spent most of the night with their thumbs up their vagina. Then when President Trump acknowledged the wife of slain Seal Team soldier they looked irritated like they didn’t want to stand up. In fact, some didn’t and some sat back down early during the applause. rats-sitting

Real doghouse sluts. Many of the blacks and other delegates refused to stand for any proposals the President made that improved citizens’ financial, education or healthcare. I guess the Black Caucas Elitist Gangsta’s don’t want their kind getting anywhere unless they get a cut. Again, where is their allegiance? Some like McConnell looked totally uninterested. We surely pay him too much. And the final icing on the cake was the Democrat rebuttal. They put on the EX-governor of Kentucky who got ousted by a Republican to combat President Trump’s speech. He claimed they have the best Obamacare in the country, like 20 minutes after POTUS remarked how Kentucky Obamacare is imploding. And unemployment is rising. He’s criticizing Trump’s immigration policy, saying Immigrants are vital to Kentucky’s economy. I guess he would rather see immigrants employed than his own citizens. Amazing how he got so many statues to stay behind him during the rebuttal. And of course he and the lib media made sure they promoted some Republicans were there with him too. Maybe RINOs. That’s about it. Dems really dug a bigger hole for themselves that night. Now all they have to do is jump in.

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MSM and Liberals fiddle while Sweden burns

Rape in Sweden is up nearly 70%. MSM wants us to believe the vast majority of these are committed by men with names like Sven and Ludvig.fake-news

Pretty pathetic when your own government denies there’s a problem while your women are being molested and raped in the streets. Politicians should be hung as a reminder what honesty is about.


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The Fake News lyin’ news networks

Problem is not that the media is just lying. The problem with the media is that it is lying to glorify a Progressive agenda bent on the globalization of America. This is borderline treason against the American people and the Republic. The news should be totally unbiased in it’s delivery. Neither pro conservative or pro liberal agenda. They should not be “expanding” on the story with their own viewpoints. They should not slant a story toward or against an agenda. Just as a once famous TV series used to say, “Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts”. This is where they violate the trust of the people. zucker

When a news agency leans toward a party line and spins stories biased against one or the other opposition, they are no different than the Nazi propaganda machine or the Communist propaganda news station Pravda. And American media has done just that over the last 50 years. Mostly toward Liberal views and against Conservative views. This is what causes President Trump to call them “Very fake news”. And 52% of the American public agrees. It is one thing to have a show that “debates” ideologies with talking heads discussing the day’s events and it is totally another to have a “news anchor” telling you a distorted news report with “the facts” manipulated for or against an agenda. And then calling themselves “America’s trusted news network”.

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And the Hell fires burn brightly. 58 million murdered babies and their blood is on her hands.roe

The Demon bitch is finally back where she belongs.

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Fake News, the new catchphrase for censorship

Once again the politically correct police are working diligently to silence those who wish to get the real message out to the public. And to complete this task they’ve enlisted the no-brained leftists running Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Google. Mainly because we the people have ignored their “fake news” on television and have used the net to gather the real facts. So they will attack us where we are. It has been reported time and again lately that Facebook has blocked various sites and individuals who are pro conservative, anti-Islam or anti-gay. Twitter has like-wise done the same. These attacks are blatant violations of individual’s freedom of speech. However, since they are privately held companies, they have the right to accept whomever they want and not accept whomever they want. There is a fine line between “freedom of speech” when it comes to private companies’ policies.

We the people have to stand up against this flagrant violation of our free speech. We MUST fight them where it hurts them the most. Close our accounts with these companies. Form or join a new free speaking site like, or a new family style site with similar features like Facebook and damn them to Hell. silenced




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Women’s Rights with Islam in pictures

So you want Muslims in your country do you? I guess you women want this?

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