Television- The politically correct indoctrination tool

Since I retired I’ve had the unfortunate problem of watching more television than I did while working. From the “late show” comedy rejects to the various prime time programs such as “The Kardashians”, “Modern Family”, “House Hunters”, ” Housewives of wherever”, and “Million dollar listings”. One thing that stands out head and shoulders above everything is their force feeding the viewer with homosexuality.

ImageTalk about brainwashing. They make a definite concerted effort to inject homosexuals into every program by creating story situations putting the homosexual into the mix. The show may have nothing to do with sexuality but that doesn’t matter. Getting their message out is all that matters. The whole agenda of Hollywood seems to be that the more perverse, repulsive, degenerate and evil it is, the more they promote it. Although I don’t care what homosexuals do in the privacy of their home, I don’t want to be subjected to it every day. I am at a point where I’m about to shut my TV off for good.Image

The Kardashians on the other hand is about a bunch of sister sluts that have very little morals about anything. Try to show their ass every chance they get. And it sells. They are worth millions. Especially the mother who would sell her children for 30 pieces of silver. It was bad enough when we were forced to sit through what seemed like an eternity of commercials but now we have to sit through vulgar, disgusting programming as well just so they can push their progressive agenda. And you can’t even change the channel. It’s on all the networks.

Even the Teen Mom 2 program is sending the wrong message to teenage girls. Even though they are showing the girls going through a lot of drama, they show that it is doable and the fact that the kids are getting paid for their participation and getting all the publicity sends a message to the rest that it isn’t so bad and maybe they can get to be on TV too. The only difference between Sodom and Gomorra and America is the name. And I’m afraid we will see the same fate.Image


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One Response to Television- The politically correct indoctrination tool

  1. Actually, the proportion of gay characters in drama is less than the proportion in the general population.

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