Islam and the Western World 3 blind mice

cairo-protest_2338161b     I cannot believe what the western world is doing when it comes to Muslims and Islam. Like the 3 blind mice, they are running around blind, deaf and dumb. Islam is NOT compatible with western culture. Islam cannot and will not conform to western society. Islam forbids association and tolerance for other religions or secular beliefs. Their Quran demands that they either convert us Infidels or kill us. And they don’t care which it is. Unless we have total idiots in our governments, I don’t understand why they are so lax in controlling this onslaught of Muslims coming into all these countries including the US and Canada.

Already, these Muslim groups are calling for the various governments to change their policies to suit the Islamic Sharia law. These Muslims do not wish to meld into the adopted countries, but instead want to take over these countries. And the governments are caving into their demands. This is nothing less than an invasion. This is the dismantling of a country from within. And it’s being tolerated by the masses. Have the people been so brainwashed that we feel we must accept any unholy or violent organization that rears it’s head. Are we that ignorant?

ISRAEL-US-FILM-DEMO  Anyone with half a brain and a television should be able to realize this in an instant. In Iraq, Islamists are Crucifying and beheading non-Muslims daily. The same thing is happening in ALL other Muslim nations. Women are being murdered and deformed as well as raped in the name of Jihad. And we want that here? Voters in America need to wake up and start paying attention to what’s going on in this country and the world instead of their cell-phones and computers. I’ve never seen such a bunch of ignorant people in my life as I’ve ran into today. Most have no idea what’s going on in the world. Most don’t even know anything about their own country. Most believe everything they are told by the media and government.

864170-islamic-protest-in-sydneyIf you enjoy your freedom and love the idea that you can go and come as you please, you’d better open your eyes and get your priorities straight. If you don’t think those things can happen here, you are gravely mistaken. It is starting to happen. Any community that has a Muslim presence is being attacked from within. Islamists are taking over these communities and implementing Islamic law. They are abusing their kids and wives with impunity and the law enforcement and politicians are too afraid to stop them. Political Correctness is destroying America and the western world. If we continue to allow this from our politicians we will cease to be free nations.

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