Prison Systems in America, Country clubs for criminals

Here is a place where your State and the Federal government bleeding hearts have been ripping you off big time. They have turned these prisons into resorts. These prisoners have more luxuries than you have. Do you have a full operating Gym in your house? Are you eating three balanced meals every day, cooked by a master chef? Do you get these things without having to do much work if any? Big deal, if they’re kept behind walls all day. With the cost of living today, we the general public are finding ourselves behind walls all day. We can’t afford to go anywhere. Why aren’t these prisoners back on the chain gangs?

chain gang

Many criminals are second, third or more offenders. Our justice system is broken. That’s the problem. We take minor offence criminals and breed them into worse criminals while they are in prison. We allow gangs to flourish in prisons, why? We have turned prison into a terrorist training ground. These people should lose all their rights as citizens. They should have no gyms, no phones, no computers, no TV. No porn should be allowed. Their meals should be basic, based on nutrician only.            Instead of us paying for exercise equipment, give them exercise working. Why not? Is work beneath them? We have to work if we want to eat. NO WORK, NO EAT. And I’m not talking about sissy work either. I mean hard work from sun-up to sundown. Everyone is complaining about how our infrastructure is falling apart, well here’s your labor, use it. Those that violate the law should no longer be subject to the protections of the law. They weren’t concerned with the civil rights of their victims, why should we be concerned for theirs. They’re lucky they weren’t hung instead. In the “good old days” they would have been tried on Wednesday and hung by Friday. How did we end up with this appeal process that takes a decade or two to be completed? What happened to our Constitutional right of a “speedy trial?” We need to make prisons terrible. Gangs in prison should be dealt with by an immediate death sentence. Bleeding Hearts, you are causing more harm than good. The rights of the victims have been sacrificed for the rights of the criminals.           

Prisons should be mostly self-sufficient. They should grow most of their own food. Raise and butcher their own meat. They should learn how to can and preserve their food for all year. It should not cost us $65,000 per prisoner each year. Most honest people don’t get that for a salary, why should we be paying that much for the scum of the earth. They’re not worth it. This country has reached the point of ridiculous when it comes to civil rights. Good people’s civil rights are being violated every day, but the American Civil Liberties Union, and the courts are more interested in the criminal’s rights. The courts are more interested in how the criminal is treated instead of how the victim was treated by the perpetrator. The courts are responsible for many crimes being committed in this country. They have ordered the blanket release of thousands of prisoners because of overcrowding. Sighting “cruel and unusual punishment” as the reason. These freed prisoners went out and committed the same crimes over again and many were re-arrested again. 

I think the Judges that freed them should have been put on trial as accessories to the crimes. They are as guilty as the criminals that committed them. This is a blatant case of our judicial system overstepping its authority at the expense of the citizens. Our politicians need to reign in these Judges from the lower courts all the way up to the Supreme Court. The judges are making their own rules based on their own biases, and beliefs rather than following the letter of the law. Who gave them this power?


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