Blocked by Facebook again!!!!!!

How many times have you been blocked by Facebook for either a comment you made or a picture you posted? Once? Twice? Well, how about four times? Yes, Facebook keeps blocking me for re-posting something I was sent or making a comment on a news story from a news source that really has nothing to do with them. Since the local news media is on Facebook, I used to comment on their articles sometimes harsh, depending on the subject matter and whether it was liberally biased. Obviously I must have been reported to Facebook by some liberal SOB cry-baby. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.

So now, I changed my preferences on Facebook to “private” so no one but my FB friends can see my posts. I deleted all local news sites on my page and will NEVER click on any ads on Facebook for any reason. My most fervent wish is that someone will come up with another Social Media site similar to Facebook that is easy to use and less PC. Unless you threaten someone or some organization, your opinions should not be censured. You can call me a bigot, racist, religious fanatic, hater, war monger, homophobic, whatever but I don’t condemn you for it or report you. Your opinion is yours. If you threaten me, I’ll threaten you back. If you swear at me, I’ll swear at you back. Tomorrow I won’t remember your name, nor care.

Don’t know if all you know that if you are on Facebook you have given them the right to monitor your browsing on your computer. They know what websites you go to and what you look at even when you are logged out of Facebook. For this reason, I have now switched to “inprivate browsing” whenever I want to browse the internet. I don’t intend to give Facebook any more free advertisement info. F them.

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