Social Media censoring

So pissed with social media. Especially Facebook. Constantly getting blocked by them for voicing my opinion. WTF? No such thing as “freedom of speech” with them. Their agenda is left wing liberal and that’s it. Problem is that family and friends are all on it and it’s the only place I can make daily contact with my out-of-state relatives without constantly calling them. Meanwhile I get baited by news articles placed on my page. When I “give my opinion” somebody reports me for whatever and I get blocked for stupid shit.

Most of the time I’m barred because I criticize Islam and Muslims in general. However, I don’t threaten or antagonize anyone. Can’t help being pissed when I read news reports of the “refugees” raping European women and beating up westerners and the politicians do nothing to stop them. London is a Muslim city now and Germany is in chaos. I am concerned that America is next because we have the same liberal idiots here who think Islam is a peaceful religion. They are too brain-dead to read the history of Islamic conquest and the fate of Europe during the middle ages due to Muslim invasions. And the media who should be well aware and researching these things, are following the leftist doctrine to the letter.

American corrupt politicians being paid by the NWO have been bringing in thousands of Muslims into America in secret to destabilize the country. Muslims refuse to assimilate into our society or culture, and eventually when they get enough population start to demand their own laws and agenda in total disregard to the Constitutional law of the land. This is unacceptable. Politicians that have been doing this need to be tried for treason and given the severest punishment allowed up to and including death sentences. We are being told by our corrupt judges and politicians that we can’t have Christian religious documents or symbols in our public places and schools while teaching our children Islam in the guise of cultural education. Unless Trump can reverse this soon, America needs another revolution. Not for taxes or independence but for ideology and values. We cannot and will not allow any culture, nationality, race, religion or creed to change America’s founding values and beliefs.

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