Ft. Lauderdale shooting

Notice how these so-called “intelligence/homeland security experts” seemed to know this guy was a loose cannon and potential terrorist but as with the San Bernardino, Boston, New Jersey, New York, or Orlando killers they just didn’t keep track of them. And you wonder why Trump is skeptical of anything they put out???? I sure as Hell would be too. Experts my ass. If any group or groups of people deserve to be labeled as “keystone” cops, it’s the FBI, CIA, TSA and homeland security in general. Bunch of inept, incompetent fools that need to be fired.

murdering-muslim-sympathizersan bernardino shootingboston bombingmosque

And the Mosques and Imams should all be removed from America. No compatibility between Islam and Western culture. Muslims do not belong in Europe or the Americas. They should stay in their barbaric middle ages ideology countries they created. This is nothing but an invasion of an enemy we don’t even realize we have.

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