Fake News, the new catchphrase for censorship

Once again the politically correct police are working diligently to silence those who wish to get the real message out to the public. And to complete this task they’ve enlisted the no-brained leftists running Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Google. Mainly because we the people have ignored their “fake news” on television and have used the net to gather the real facts. So they will attack us where we are. It has been reported time and again lately that Facebook has blocked various sites and individuals who are pro conservative, anti-Islam or anti-gay. Twitter has like-wise done the same. These attacks are blatant violations of individual’s freedom of speech. However, since they are privately held companies, they have the right to accept whomever they want and not accept whomever they want. There is a fine line between “freedom of speech” when it comes to private companies’ policies.

We the people have to stand up against this flagrant violation of our free speech. We MUST fight them where it hurts them the most. Close our accounts with these companies. Form or join a new free speaking site like GAB.ai, or a new family style site with similar features like Facebook and damn them to Hell. silenced




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