The Fake News lyin’ news networks

Problem is not that the media is just lying. The problem with the media is that it is lying to glorify a Progressive agenda bent on the globalization of America. This is borderline treason against the American people and the Republic. The news should be totally unbiased in it’s delivery. Neither pro conservative or pro liberal agenda. They should not be “expanding” on the story with their own viewpoints. They should not slant a story toward or against an agenda. Just as a once famous TV series used to say, “Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts”. This is where they violate the trust of the people. zucker

When a news agency leans toward a party line and spins stories biased against one or the other opposition, they are no different than the Nazi propaganda machine or the Communist propaganda news station Pravda. And American media has done just that over the last 50 years. Mostly toward Liberal views and against Conservative views. This is what causes President Trump to call them “Very fake news”. And 52% of the American public agrees. It is one thing to have a show that “debates” ideologies with talking heads discussing the day’s events and it is totally another to have a “news anchor” telling you a distorted news report with “the facts” manipulated for or against an agenda. And then calling themselves “America’s trusted news network”.

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