GAWD these liberals drive me nutz

Can you go a day watching the news without screaming and pulling your hair out? I can’t! How these liberals can continually lie, twist, pervert, exploit, deny, distort, criticize and do all this with a smile when it comes to protecting their corrupt comrades and perverse values is beyond my comprehension. How can a Democratic U.S. Senator sit on their hands and scowl when the President says he wants to protect the American citizens from illegal foreigners who are criminals? Why would any U.S. politician want to fight against protecting our borders? And why would a Congressman of any party affiliation refuse to fund the citizens of the United States over protecting the illegal invaders who have come into our country uninvited? If anyone can explain that to me with some logical answer, I’m waiting.

the dead

I have heard on many occasion that “Liberalism” is a mental disorder. I am now inclined to believe that after watching the SOTU address and the Democrats in the House. Absolutely nothing the President had to say was acceptable to them. Even when he made similar comments that their previous Democratic President said. Of course they applauded for those. Shows us one thing. These liberal Progressive politicians are not for the American people. They are not for a secure America. They are not for a prosperous America. And they are not for the Constitutional laws of the land. They have their own agenda and NOTHING is acceptable to them except for that. And what is that agenda you ask? It can be summed up in a very short few words. They are a pro-Marxist globalist UN backed Communist Party. So what is their platform compared to the communist manifesto?

Communists want business under their control. Democrats want businesses under government control

Communists want to make everyone financially equal. Democrats want to punish anyone making more than their workers.

Communists want to control the Stock Markets. Democrats want to regulate it completely.

Communists want to destroy family values. Democrats want to force people to accept ethnic/homosexual differences by threatening imprisonment if necessary.

Communists want total control over individual rights. Democrats want to Increase government control over all aspects of your life.

Communists want to rig elections to their benefit. Democrats are rigging elections and trying to allow illegals to vote to undermine the U.S. election system.

Communists want to control birth by forcing birth control and abortions. Democrats want abortion on demand and would force them if they could.

And last but not least. Communists want to remove any opposition to their agenda. Democrats want to outlaw Americans owning guns to ensure their complete government control.

If you look at the Democratic platform you will notice they’ve touched on every aspect of your life and society. They want total control just like the Communists. In fact after the 1950s purge of Communism the Socialist/Communists blended into the Democratic party.

Finally, if you’ve paid any attention to the news you would have noticed how the Liberal Progressive Democrats are always calling Conservatives “Nazis”, “Hitler”, “Racists”, “Homophobic”, “Islamophobic”, etc. If you look at the Communist manifesto you will see that is a KEY feature to promote Communism. Accuse the opposition of the very core of your own agenda.

Well, enough of this subject. I’ve already got a headache again.



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2 Responses to GAWD these liberals drive me nutz

  1. jonolan says:

    It’s really simple. With every word, with every deed, with every win President Trump and the GOP drive yet another nail in the Dems’ coffins. They were already gut shot and bleeding out from 2010 and what’s happening now is pouring bleach in their wounds.

    You’re looking at creatures who realize that all their hopes and dreams – and their jobs – have been turned to ash and that the reborn, rebuilt, guided back to greatness America has neither room, use, nor tolerance for them or those that they pander to- and enable.

  2. riffarr says:

    AMEN to that.

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