CNN live broadcast from Berlin 1944: a fun fictitious short story which probably could be true knowing CNN.

Hello, this is CNN 1944 broadcasting live from Berlin Germany. Jim Acosta has been covering the war around the world reporting live from Berlin. Acosta,”Good evening friends I am Jim Acosta reporting to you live from Berlin where I has an exclusive interview with duly elected Chancellor Adolf Hitler”. “Mr. Chancellor, if I may ask you a few questions the world would like answered”? Mr. Hitler, “By all means heir Acosta”. Acosta, “There are rumors Chancellor that the Allies are planning to invade France by summer. Have you considered a strategy to stop them”? “Ya, heir Acosta, We have sent our best general Rommel to France to do just that”. Acosta, “Will he be in Normandy where the allies plan to land”? Hitler, “Normandy”?, I was thinking north of there. But you have a good point. We will look into it”.

Acosta, “Now on the subject of Jews Mr. Chancellor, we have heard there is a mass extermination going on. Can you verify that, that is not happening”? Hitler, “Purely propaganda”. “No such thing is happening”. They are being placed in internment camps for their own protection”. Acosta, “May I go to the camps heir Hitler”? Hitler, “No, there is no time. You have my word on it”. Acosta, “There you have it America. True to his word he is not killing Jews. Roosevelt is lying to you”.

Acosta, “Sir, rumor has it the U.S. is developing an atomic bomb, are you aware of that”? Hitler, “No but we will look into it”. Acosta, “Are you protecting your scientists from being kidnapped by the allies”? Hitler, we are now”!

Acosta, “We have heard Roosevelt has polio and is crippled. What is your opinion of having an adversary that is a cripple”? Hitler, “I wondered why he never was seen going to a briefing”. “He’s an inbred American elitist, I have more respect for that monkey Stalin. That’s why we are creating a superior race”.

Acosta, “Now heir Hitler one last question if I may”…… Hitler, “No more questions heir Acosta, I have a country to run”. Acosta, But but, but heir Hitler, we have many…… Hitler, “did I say no more questions?” Acosta, “Sir we….. Hitler, “Gestapo, get this asshole out and shoot him!”

We should be so lucky!

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