A House Divided Cannot Stand

As this phrase says with all it’s wisdom America is a house divided. 2016 brought about an ideological, spiritual, racial, moral and political revolution. Not that that isn’t a good thing to some regard, but it has divided the nation to the point of what is being considered “Good vs Evil”. One important thing that has come out of this division is the American people have exposed the corruption in their government at all levels. We now know there is an un-elected “Deep State” shadowy presence manipulating politicians and policies that is unapproved, nor legal in it’s existence. It permeates the government like a Cancer. It defies the will of the people and their elected officials by resisting, subverting and tampering with public policy and the people’s agenda. This of course is not new. This is an arm of the New World Order. A group of super rich elitists, driven by Satan and bent on control of the world. They have been operating behind the scenes almost since the founding of this country, but has finally surfaced where it has been exposed.

The only reason it did not show it’s head previously is because Godly men who built this country kept them in check. Once America turned away from God and more toward Secularism their power grew. They started by placing their evil puppets in high places. They undermined the country by creating a Federal Reserve to steal our finances from our elected Congress and gave it to world banks to control. Then they placed people in the education systems to remove God from the schools and breed God-less generations of children with little morals. Then they slithered like a snake into local governments where they removed references of religion from public property in the guise of unconstitutionality. Now they are attempting to remove history and place their own version in it’s place. They have infiltrated our school systems, political offices, labor, media and military. This same Deep State is stirring the pot of black and white hatred by agitating Blacks to riot, loot and destroy while calling it “protesting”, knowing full well that will only incite the Whites to show more animosity against them. Their objective is to bring the country to it’s knees through constant anarchy, chaos, insurrection and disobedience for law and order.

Bottom line is that unless Republicans and Democrats, Blacks and Whites, all races in America can get past all the lying and BS from the media and join together, America will be lost in the oblivion of all the empires of the past. It is our choice. We can’t pass it on to the next generation. We can’t ignore it. It’s now or never.

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